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2016 SCMA Group Of The Year


The past few years have seen a change in the Trudel house, with our two girls leaving home.  It reminds us to be present to each moment in life.  It continually surprises us when doors continue to open and by God's grace, we find ourselves playing music as a family. After each weekend comes to a close and we drive down the prairie highways, we join together as a family rejoicing in the new friends we have made and how incredibly blessed we are. We are humbled by the generosity of the human spirit.



In the past couple years our family has enjoyed playing at the SCMA awards and being a part of the nominee's of incredible Saskatchewan talent. In 2016 we were humbled to be the Saskatchewan Country Music Association's " 2016 Group of The Year" we find ourselves in the list of contenders for  a few awards and we are filled with gratitude for being recognized by our peers, many of who are full-time musicians. How is it that we are so blessed!

2013 was without a doubt one of our busiest years. We really melded together as a band. Many miles in the motorhome made for great bonding time as a family and we had more fun than ever on stage. Much of our joy can be attributed to the incredible people we have met on the road. Hearing your stories and being on the recieving end of  your kindness and generosity is beautiful and we count ourselves blessed. There is no doubt that our parents played a significant role in our joy in being on the road, Their steadfast encouragement, prepared meals and an extra bed for a grandchild are a gift to us and we will always cherish these moments together.
Thankyou to everyone who supports us in any way. We appreciate you!

2014 SCMA

Gospel Album

We were over the moon excited the day we found out we were nominated for 6 Saskatchewan Music Awards in 2010. Another blessing...our parents and  family members came to share in our experience. Our name for Country Gospel Album was called and our music clip was played what a thrill! Then the winner was announced and it was us.... we stared at each other and screamed in unexpected joy. What joy to recieve an award among amazing musicians, we are still so grateful for sharing memories like that with our family. This picture was taken before receiving the award, we were so excited to be there!

2010 SCMA Country Gospel Album

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